1. The sound that strumming a guitar makes (while this is lame, this is the actual way the 80s band Wang Chung got their name)

2. Going out and having fun, in a vague, undefined kind of way (since no one ever knew what Everybody Wang Chung Tonight meant, exactly)
1. Bob heard the "wang chung" of Mary's guitar coming from the basement.

2. Let's go get a couple of 40s and Wang Chung down by the river.
by Mitzell August 4, 2004
when you accidentally sit on your own testicles
kid: I just sat down too fast and I wang chunged by balls.

girl: That sucks, do you want me to kiss them better?

kid: ummmm no! You're my sister!
by ballchungah November 16, 2007
A band from the 1980's. They made VH1's most awesomely bad songs at #3. Their song Everybody Have Fun Tonight was catchy for about 2 seconds. The were one of the only bands with enough balls to put their own name into their one hit wonder of a song.
Everybody have fun tonight,
Everybody wang chung tonight.
by Smokey MacPot May 16, 2004
1. When you're drunk and hooking up with a girl and your penis is soft.
I was hooking up with this girl the other night, and I had to go wang chung for a couple minutes to get it up..
by Nyterydr May 2, 2005
When a boy takes his penis and dips it into chineas food!!!!!
oh my gosh justin totally did a wang chung wednesday night!
by jessica treepum March 30, 2010
Asian. It just is. Wnag and chung both sound very asian...
by Liz April 2, 2005