basically means being stoned, with puffed up eyes
have u been blazin cos u look chunged
by Merahkuching February 17, 2005
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chunged is to be stoned on drugs i.e weed or pot.

also try these words:
oi i gt chunged last waz off da hook, i cant even memba wat i did!
by heidi99 November 24, 2005
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someone who has irreversibly mushed their brain from the constant weekends of smoking durries and swinging jaw on pingas Being chunged means this person cannot answer simple math questions and think logically like a normal person. Instead they think like a mong and/or a caveman
how’d you get that question wrong? Your brain must be so chunged right now.

dude that’s not going to work! holy crap you’re chunged as.
by youdontknowme11222444 October 17, 2019
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1. to be had, owned, pwned, destroyed, annhilated, or humiliated beyond repair via a witty, verbal remark
2. definition of the Latin verb chungo, chungere, chunxi, chungtus/a/um, meaning to chung or be chunged
"Man, it is freezing cold out here."
"Just like your mother. You just got chunged."
by youwantgo March 17, 2010
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When your face turns red after drinking alcohol.
Damn look at Andy. He's chunged!
by kevin September 7, 2003
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*Jerry Orbach delivers witty line*
by Dani January 28, 2005
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There's been 2 meanins made outta this
1)Chung - buff/good looking (example 1)
2) Being stoned is bein chung
1) I'm lookin to find bear chung gyals
>I want to find a very pretty girl<

2) I'm chunged out afta blazin all day
>I'm stoned afta smokin weed all day<
by leila November 1, 2003
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