a wife who is usally clumbsy and breaks every thing she touches.

the kind of wife who falls over her own feet or reverses her car into yours.
My wife is a wally
what a wall

was that you wally
by HIPDUDE June 01, 2011
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Def. - A person who is in a social place (clubs, bars, etc.) with friends, and just sits there all night all quiet, not getting up and socializing.
"How you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance, by standing on the wall..! Get your back up off the Wally..
by URALYA June 16, 2013
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noun; someone who wears all abercrombie and puka shell necklaces even in the winter. blonde tip hair,popped collars,capri's,socks and sandals,hoop earings,and an ego of one who thinks their super sweet when in fact they are stuck in some unexplainable "wally" world. female="sally"
"Look at Jordan! He is such a wally"
by tonygindahouse December 20, 2004
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n. a weirdo who hits on lesbians. A male who is so desperate, if he does not get the chance to date a particular girl, he will spread rumors about her in hopes that she come running to him. A male who gives Homer Simpson a bad name because he works in the nuclear plant.
That wally just doesn't get it? No wonder he can't get a date.
by temptress bum May 14, 2004
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Acronym for a juicer from "Women always look lovingly at you."
"Bungee never gets the frigidaire from the tassels; they think he's a total wally."
by djdna April 25, 2004
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He's a bit of a fuckhead, rides dirtbikes, tries to weld, reads a fuck load of books & is an ok kinda guy.
"whoa, did you see that guy fly over his handlebars?! That must be Wally".
by kx85_girl September 20, 2014
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