a beautiful girl that gets a lot of male attention but turns them down and only uses them when she wants sex.
"Don't even think about askin' her out bro, she a chukka."
by NotYoursTruly March 22, 2016
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"Where did your bike go?"

"It was stolen by a chukka!"
by Bas De Droghe January 19, 2019
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the way a reggae guitar riff sounds
Bob Marley invented reggae by slowing down ska and adding the chukka guitar riff.
by itsevidentmydearwatson July 8, 2012
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No chicks at that club, it's a total chukka scene.
by The Kaiser March 4, 2005
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Garish colored cowboy boots that curl way UP at the toe, looking similar to elves shoes. Generally worn by Mexicans at quarterhorse races, particularly match races. Most often accompanied by a matching belt of exotic animal skin and cowboy hats that double as taco holders. Wearers are most often followed by a broodmare with a muffin-top body stuffed into too tight jeans & litter of ill-mannered children that throw their garbage on the ground next to a trash can.
Lupita: Why is that guy with the chukka boots giving me the mexican eye fuck?

Bob: I don't know. Why did you drag me to these stupid ass match races. BTW, is that gravel on your back?
by retch May 10, 2011
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