noun; a person, usually female, who uses their unfortunate partner as nothing more than a sex tool and then proceeds to take their money as payment for the best time of the partners life. The money should be left on the table before the partner leaves the next morning.

not to be confused with a prostitute or hooker
trevor - "did you see that girl on the track? kimber?"

daniel - "yeah she was such a bedside table, worth atleast 50 bucks"
by rhodez2013 October 1, 2009
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There is a cum rag and lotion there
Durham’s bedside table has his cum rag
by John Garthy October 30, 2020
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Out of all bedside tables it is known that Michael's are the best. There is no contention on this subject. It is fact, written in the sands of time and reflected upon by the Elders of Bedsidetableland.
"Hey, I got some new bedside tables. Do you like them?"
"No. They are nothing compared to Michael's bedside tables."
by moochers April 16, 2019
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