1. One of the cultures of Belguim
2. The people occuping Southern Belguim and the ajecent part of France.
Look at that French chick, I hear shes a walloon!
by Flornholio May 12, 2004
I was wallooning this guy on the beach when the tide came in, so we had to take it back to his apartment.
by galaxyman April 25, 2011
someone from another country that has formed an army for the soul purpose to destroy the regs in the chat room that you chat in.
the WALLOONS are attacking Fort Reg again!
by wild_wolf_cub October 15, 2003
1. Those of an elite Nazi Regime based in Southern Belgium 2. The terrifying people that inhabit Southern Belgium.
I went down to the market and was ambushed by crazed Walloons
by Sheldon February 29, 2004
Walloon Lake the best place in the entire word. nothing can and ever will compare to this place. you can do whatever you want. and the general store is the cherry on top with the best sandwiches on the earth ... a.k.a. WALLOONERS!
by hgkh, May 25, 2011