Something good that follows a series of other fortunate events.

A kicker
surburban home: like cherry on top
surburban home: c.o.t. feeling
surburban home: like you went to lunch at a good restaurant, went to a show that night, met the band THEN come home and find out kevin got fired
surburban home: cherry on top
by IanMacThreat August 8, 2005
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When you make a banana split using all the main ingredients, but instead of a bowl you use the surrounding area of your dick and balls. Then you invite a Virgin over for sex. She proceeds to jump on your dick until her cherry pops on top of your beautiful banana split.
Hey Sarah wanna have sex on a banana split? No Tom, I’m a Virgin. Come on, I need to add a cherry on top!
by Schholboijew January 18, 2018
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When a chick is riding you reverse cowgirl and you're spanking her until her ass turns cherry red
Justin fucked me so hard, but what really got me going was the cherry on top
by LittleGingersnap January 30, 2017
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n., the sexual act of spiraling whipped cream around a female's nipple, then biting the nipple in order to make it a bead of blood, forming the "cherry" (often a rite of passage for British royalty)
1. Prince William and Princess Kate are horny blokes. They often make a cherry on top when they feel extra sodding kinky.
2. My girlfriend is feeling adventurous. She wants to try to put a cherry on top tonight.
by JustAnAverageBloke June 10, 2013
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The first step is to shit into a condom. Then you cut the tip off the condom. Then twist the other end so that the condom will make a piping bag. You then can decorate your partner.
by Blue_pineapple August 21, 2017
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the thing I said to my friend once and convinced her that it has sexual meaning but it actually means literally nothing.
Look zeva, it's ice with a cherry on top lol. ( hyena-cackles)
by I'm_Definitely_Not_A_Alien April 15, 2019
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