A seemingly innocent person that turns out to be a complete cunt.
That carrie is such a wallabe.
I'm glad we got rid of that wallabe.
by Neffyy January 16, 2009
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a frytard who roams the streets looking for herb. some of the species have adapted to the water and are known as water wallas.
brandon is such a wallabe
by wallabaaa March 16, 2010
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A unique, and mystical wanimal known to have healing powers in the nasal glands.
Must be tamed before use. Also;
In the beginning, wallabe created the nose and the finger. The public was without weak stomachs. And wallabe said "Let there be picking"; and so it was.
by see`underscore`aych September 19, 2008
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A shorter way to say the Clark's brand shoe Wallabees.
I'm rocking my wallabs with this kick-A shirt.
by Ila Enilorac January 10, 2011
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Shoe Made By Clarks. Very Unique Shoe. A Hip Hop Style.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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Obviously it isn't spelt right yet it comes with such a great meaning of offense. It is basically any joke about someones mom.
*Ganging up on person 2*
Person 1: "You've got a moustache."
Person 2 (to person 1): "Yours is bigger."
You (to person 2): "NOT AS BIG AS YOUR MOMS!!!!"
by SexyBella March 3, 2005
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When you are 69-ing while doing flips
Eddy:Yo, my gf and I were doing the The Flying Wallabee
Jeff: Nice
by TheKami23 June 13, 2017
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