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Often used to describe a UM troll that continues to bait posters with personal attacks because of his intense fear of anti-UM threads.

Often turns sports discussion into personal attacks in his desperate attempt to top the king and be "Uno"

Driven by a deep insecurity to be "Uno" because he suffers with a small penis, a pot belly, and mustard on his T-shirt, and with hope that Rich Rod that was a temporary nightmare, he continues on with his quest.
1) Himself

2) Poster--"What do you think of the Pryor and UM mess?"

Nigel Uno---"Uh, ah, are Opti aren't you??"
by Aintitsweet August 23, 2011
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Nigel uno is our sacred leader. We must protect him at ALL COSTS. He makes my bad days good and my good days HORRIFIC...-ly good. He is your brother. He is your god. Praise him! Think of him when you go to sleep. NEVER say his name in vain. He is only for the strong-willed. Hold him close to your heart.
Thomes- "Did you praise Nigel Uno last night?"
Potatoluz- "No."
Potatoluz- *DIES*
by Potatoluz November 12, 2018
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