A poker tactic where you have a powerhouse hand and someone is betting into you. Instead of raising, you just let the other person do all the betting for you until the very end.
If I re-raise, he's just gonna fold. Better just walk the dog.
by henry73 August 23, 2005
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Leading someone on in a relationship. Intentionally sending "forward" signals in a relationship when it is known that nothing will come of it.
"Wow, Jon has been walking the dog for like two weeks now!"
by Your Mom April 24, 2005
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Have sex with your boyfriend when you're not in the mood because he won't stop humping your leg until you do
Girl 1: Did you and Jason get home from the bar ok last night?
Girl 2: Yeah. We were pretty drunk. I was ready to sleep but I had to walk the dog first.
Girl 1: How was it?
Girl 2: Fine. He came in 3 minutes and we both passed out. Then we had really good hangover sex the next morning.
by Prp Guy February 12, 2011
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To engage in the act of smoking methamphetamine. The term is documented to have originated from University Place or U.P. in Washington state. Most commonly used when a person or group of friends are about to partake in the action of smoking meth. Where as they must find an excuse or reason to leave their current " chilling " situation so no one knows what they are going to go do.
Hey man, I could go for another pick me up right now because I don't have the energy to pull another motor. Just go tell " them " that we're going to go walk the dog and we'll be right back.
by PezoCon December 15, 2007
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