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Normality is a way to identify with other people in a way that makes the so called "normal" or "common", even average, way of being. This normality is quick to enroot a cynical thought to those who think about what is the true definition of "normal" in these days, and people who stand out in the crowd are starting to define a new kind of normality called "abnormalism" or "freak-show".

Normality was once being an upstanding member of society when now it englobes a whole new spectrum of beings, from tatooed freaks to whiny teenagers, or even the other way around, as being a slacker is now conformity or normality.
Anbormality is normal.

1)John didn't want to use his sneakers to go to work. Instead he applied blonde hair spray and went to his job shirtless and wearing flip-flops.

2)That guy with a lazy eye and a watermelon tied to a chain is very normal for these days.
by ChaoticNeutral February 8, 2011
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A walk-out jacket is a jacket branded as such for a simple walk in the park or related activities in which a not-so formal wear may be otherwise required. Commonly sold in third-world countries as luxury goods, for a rampant price.
That Nike "King" Walk-out jacket is too expensive in this market, it is costing 300 monetary units as such. In it's regular market it costs around 34 euros, mostly. Still, it's manufactured in Malasya.
by ChaoticNeutral January 18, 2011
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A incoming game from "Uber Entertainment Studios" and published by no one less than Microsoft. It features a combat oriented action and fps-ish features, with customizable characters and futuristic-styled maps. The game received decent ratings ranging from 7.75 at Game Informer and 9/10 out at Euro Gamer magazines.

Other features include the Spunky Cola update and other downloadable content direct from developer.
I didn't buy me yet that copy of "MNC" (Monday Night Combat) until I read something on a Steam pop-up over at Valve's annoying program. In fact, I won't.
by ChaoticNeutral January 25, 2011
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