1) a person who roles solo, doesn't take shit from people, but at the same time doesn't start beef if theres no reason to
2) the definition of chill, rolls with shit and turns things around
3) a suave mother fucker who just enters a zone all alone, and picks up girls by saying very little
Yo you see that kid over there, he must be a fuckin wald cause he just rolled into dis club and picked up bitches by barely sayin shit
by bluntblazzer420 September 4, 2010
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A proper title to be placed onto the end of a name to make the person become miraculously proper and british.
Kadie was just a normal girl until she became Kadwald and suddenly became respeceted world wide.
by Tara Jones May 13, 2004
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Quitting at someting that's not that hard, you're just too lazy to do anything about it.
Dude, this math question is too hard, i'm taking a walde
by Kreasj December 15, 2010
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Used to describe a being or object who is the epitome and extreme extent of being wild
"Did you and Leah go to Comicon this year"

"But I heard it was wald!"
by Iknowimbad December 27, 2016
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Perpetually bald. A person with a head so shiny that you need a special pair of sunglasses to look at directly.
Jordan shaves his head daily because he admires having such a wald head.
by HassanPlostoer January 7, 2021
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Walding's Law is an adage that is best described as:
Paranoia in the development stage of any serious relationship that anything could cause an end to said relationship.
This is typically more frequent in youthful relationships where relationships tend not to last as long as more mature relationships. This being said does not exclude it from happening to mature and professional relationships.
This phenomenon is common within romantic relationships however it may occur outside one, such as in a new social or professional position.
Some examples of Walding's Law may include being worrying that:
1. Anything you do could cause your new romantic relationship to end.
2. Your new partner talking to someone else leading you to believe that they are interested in them.
3. Doing a task incorrectly could cause you to lose your new job.
4. Acting too much like yourself could make a newfound friend to lose interest in your friendship.

by StudyClassProductions November 2, 2016
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The absolutely perfect temperature between cold and warm that when you obtain this temperature you become one with the gods.
Boy: I'm Corm/Wald
Girl: I'm Corm/Wald too
*Jesus appears*
by Terran it up May 24, 2021
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