A girl that is very passionate and sometimes aggressive. She is a girl who is very protective of her friends however may leave a few on the way to finding her true friends. She can be quite bitchy at times and thinks she knows everything but see eventually patterns up.
Friend: Have you talked to kadie lately?
Me: No?
Friend: She seems to have made new friends now!
Me: Oh well that’s what Kadies like!
by whatAMiDOING? May 26, 2018
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Simply The Best Girl Ever, Will Most likely Have Anxiety,Is Kind,Short and loveable,gives the best hugs and is just amazing to talk to. Also She Is The Cutest Girl Ever And If You Disagree Your Wrong
*Boy 1* Hey did You Here _____ And Kadie Are Going Out
*Boy 2* He Is So Lucky
by A-DuBm-ShIt August 28, 2019
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Usually a great person that is beautiful and easy to love.
by Bailey (: December 13, 2010
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angry and moody most of the time, is short but says she’s not, big tease, very clumsy
That kadies a big tease!!
Did you hear kadie fell down the stairs??!
by BritishSlags April 19, 2020
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A girl who is both cute and funny. Everyone gravitates towards her and guys fall in love with her easily. The attention makes it easy for her to manipulate people and she is a very good tease. She loves to party and to be the center of attention.
"that girl from the party last night was such a kadie. she got my dick hard and then quit it. what a fuckin tease i had blue balls all night."

"i could marry that kadie. she's perfect."

"that kadie is such an attention whore"
by Chris Meowth March 27, 2013
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A girl that is short, cute, lovable, amazing in bed, sexy, flirty, huge tits, easy to love & definitely fuckable.
Is that a Kadie? I would fuck the shit out of her!
by Captain EZ October 14, 2012
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An English name that is derived from Katharine.
A name that is shortened. A name that is spelled a bit different than that of the original. For example, My daughters name is Kadie.
by Amanda Ford June 10, 2006
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