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The noise pac-man makes when he walks.
Pac-man:-Waka waka waka- -boododoop- -Waka waka waka...-
by Keijiro September 06, 2005
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A Nigerian common word, variant of 'Fuck You'. Often used with the expression of the five fingers wide and aimed at the person in question.
It could also be used to tell someone rudely to 'fashi' or leave
Girl 1: Your ex gave me his number and he told me he never really liked you
Girl 2: waka(!)
by voicesofthecrying May 26, 2016
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the Maori (NZ) word for canoe, usually quite large and able to cross oceans as the ancient Maori did from Polynesia to NZ (Aotearoa)
by toprock27 February 22, 2010
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its a verb, adjective, pronoun, whenever u wanna use it, whenever u wanna say it, in whatever ocation, whatever reason, anythin u can imagine WaKa is there ;D waka waka...
suk my ...waka !
hey, wtf u did ? ...hmm er...waka !!
by Dan October 09, 2004
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Promising of spreading "the joy of kickball", The World Adult Kickball Aassociation (WAKA) was founded in 1998 in Washington, D.C. and was supposed to be an "alternative" to the local softball teams which were deemed "too competitive" for some. By 2001 there were 4 divisions in the DC metro area and by 2003 it had started to spread across the country. Was a good time until the novelty wore off, they raised the dues and generally just got way too big way too fast. With divisions in every city, it has now become what it set out to counteract and is now nothing more than a shell of it's former self.
"You playing in WAKA this summer?"
"No thanks, I've been to enough frat parties in my life."
by akldshalkf July 20, 2005
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it's used to describe a person as an illiterate retard that dosent know how to put sentences together and is over the the drinking age and still dosent know his ABC!!!!!!!!
Normal kid: 'Yo wat up G"
Waka kid: "waka waka waka o let do it waka waka"
Normal kid: ; damn u must be on that lemonade like gucci or ur just both so waka and cant make rhymes but u still get paid"
by johnthegreek December 31, 2010
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Similar to the common camwhore but differing in that a Waka does not limit her whoring to the internet. They are known for drinking heavily and randomly posting nude photos of themselves in hopes of attracting male attention. Many of them will even place ads offering to clean people's homes in the nude in addition to other "services" in order to support their drinking habits. Wakas should be avoided at all costs as their alcoholism induces a dementia that makes them unstable and suicidal. The last thing you want on you is Waka blood as they're known carriers of various STDs and HIV.
This waka wouldn't leave me alone. She kept sending me nudes and asking to move in with me. I didn't even know her!
by Vomitus June 19, 2006
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