Some shmuck who works at the same dead end job for years whilst living paycheck to paycheck
I've been working at Walmart as a cashier for 3 years now.

Jesus Christ what a wagecuck
by randomshoe October 26, 2015
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anyone that can't save at least 50% of his wages or is abused by his boss. a wagecuck is treated like shit at work and there's no hope of him escaping it therefore he must suck up to his bully. this makes him an emasculated cuckold. mostly used to describe men. for women the term 'wagie' is more common

wagecucks often take out large loans to pay for a mcmansion, fully cementing their servitude for life
- where is Tim?
- at his wagie center of course doing a 12 hour shift
- haha what a wagecuck
by SIX HOT LOADS August 20, 2021
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Anyone foolish enough to leave home and get themselves mired in debt. Now they are owned by the Shekelsteins who sign their paycheck each week, earning almost enough to pay their bills.
A: Bro, I wish we went to college when we were younger. I mean look at John, he's an engineer in New York City now!
B: John? That wagecuck lives with 3 roommates in Brooklyn just to afford his student loan payments.
by flashdrive August 24, 2016
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A wagecuck is someone who works at ÖBB paycheck to paycheck and gets abused by the boss.
He hates his job but needs the money, what a wagecuck!
by dr npc November 24, 2022
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A person who is a productive member of society and makes a living on his wages
Person 1: Bill is such a wagecuck
Person 2: Yeah he is, what a loser
by dankmemer420yolo November 22, 2015
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A buzzword used by autistic NEETs to describe a person who contributes to society. It is almost invariably used by the NEET to try to make themselves feel better about being a lazy sack of shit and rationalize doing nothing all day but eating tendies and jacking off to trannies.
John is such a wagecuck, he actually has a net positive result on the economy!
by SyFy December 8, 2020
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A word created by 4chan I cells and NEETs to disparage anyone that has a job instead of leeching off family.
That guy can hold down a job without having an emotional breakdown. He’s such a wagecuck.
by stevenV2 May 9, 2022
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