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Used when something is wonky or if someone does something crap
That shot was wafty
The table is wafty
by thelostlibertine April 01, 2005
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A word used to describe something or someone that is unstable, poorly constructed or otherwise damaged beyond repair! Wafty may be used in past, present or future tense.
"Glen makes riding berms look wafty!"
by nostaw January 14, 2014
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The act of 'wafting'. That is the wafting of a silent fart to increase the effectiveness of its aroma to unaware bystanders.
'Hey! That stinks! Did you just wafties me?'
by erockmoss February 04, 2010
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"An overly gay appearing chav"
Most waftys are male and can be easily distinguished from the general chav crowd by a variety of combinations of the following:

- Spend far too long worried about their appearance, this is usually extremely obvious in the long hair which has been styled into a rather feminine or ott style.
- They usually appear in pink t-shirts or shirts (these may or may not seem to be slightly small)
- Most wafties wear jeans (although not all jean wearing people are wafties :P)
- The majority of wafties see themselves as great footballers (whether they are or not)
- Wafties will attempt to "big themselves up" to look tougher than they really are.
- They seem to have unbelievably fit girlfriends but who are also unbelievably "blonde"

---Distinguishments from a Chav---

- A male chav will almost never wear pink (see chav definitions)
- Chavs mostly travel in herds (lots of them with lots of wool between the ears) whilst wafties are mostly found in groups of 2 or 3 at most (other than when they are attempting to play football)
Put simplya wafty is A chav that appears gay (but may not be)
by Thrashasaur September 21, 2006
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something or someone who is a hippie or otherwise alternative. earthy people, druidry etc.
that dress is a bit wafty
by Keseral March 31, 2008
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A male with a stupidly extravagant hairstyle that usually features highlights that make him look like a parking cone. Excessive gel is also present, as well as a snappy dress sense. Mostly plays football, and thinks he has excessive skill ,although more waftys are popping up amongst rugby union players (mainly in the backs). Often flout school dress codes by wearing off-white shirts, or trousers with faint black lines, or checks.
"Look at those wafty's over there, gelling their hair"- Before a game of football.
by Paul S November 30, 2004
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A term for gay sex on drugs.
Misses is out for the afternoon, I'm at home! Who fancies coming round and getting wafty?
by Grammarian90 May 20, 2017
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