WAF (Wack-As-Fuck): When something is despicably shitty
Yeezy stomping off stage after 20 minutes screaming like a fucking lunatic last night was WAF.
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by Adamir Putin January 03, 2017
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Stands for "What A Fucking Slut". Most likely used over the internet
Billy(Talking to Jen on Facebook): Oh my gosh, did you hear about Karen sleeping around?

Jen: Yeah, I know. WAFS!
by I Love Lucy 3.0 December 28, 2010
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When the conditions are un-faivorable for disking it is considered to be windy as fuck
guy 1: "yo man i'm so chill... wanna go disk?"
guy 2: "nah man its so WAF right now. maybe tomorrow."
guy 1: "man you're so GAF"
guy 2: "fuck off bro"
by tie ler May 15, 2011
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WAF is an abbreviation that means "What a Fag"

Easily usable in real life...you can pronounce it (Wah-F) or (wha-F)

good to use in chat rooms
Grinnz: i banned you for making no sense
njo: waf ^^
by seanLOL August 15, 2009
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Dude: why are you wearing different color socks?
Someone: cuz im cool like that!
Dude: WAF!!
by wafpart2 September 02, 2008
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