To shove one's hand into another's ass and proceed to punch said person in the face with the tainted hand.
1. I was having a great time last night until my boyfriend turned our casual fisting into a wabash.

2. I woke up this morning with a fat lip and a sore ass and I quickly realized that my new "friends" we're just out for a good wabash.
by Rico Suav-sizzle November 24, 2007
a large, disorderly fight, similar to old-style gang fights of the mid-19th century.

If we don't get this crowd under control, we'll have a good old fashioned wabash on our hands.
by Ron Palmer June 19, 2008
A street in Lakeland, FL that is so damn run down, its not even funny. It is filled with pimp-mexicans and hookers. there will be at least 5 on every corner, lookin for someone to fuck.
Mexican- Imma roll up on wabash and get all them whores out there.
Nigger- And I'll be right there beside you homie.
Cracker- Hey guys, can I join. It will be my first time.
Mexican and Nigger-(same time) HELL NAW!
by Cerinthe August 2, 2011
A street in Lakeland, Florida where all the prostitutes and whores are.
Guy 1: "Hey bro, wanna go hit up Wabash for some fun tonight?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah!"
by i hate lakeland December 1, 2009
The only county in Indiana that keeps it real. It's the home of straight up killers and child molesters. The best weed, girls, and underage drinkers. Possibly the only county in the world with six to six probation hours. From Salamonie to Maple Street to Crown Hill all the way to new 24 they stay buck 24/7.
I was in Wabash and had the time of my life.
by bill m. December 24, 2004
Verb - To violate an innocent farm animal, such as a goat, a sheep, or a rooster, due to the lack of potential mates of the same species.
He was arrested for wabashing a goat after getting drunk at a TKE party where no women showed up.
by FitzDuncan October 7, 2007
A MEN-ONLY college located in Crawfordsville, IN. An acclaimed liberal arts school with great athletics. Also noted by the locals to be full of weirdos and douche bags that lure young and unsuspecting local high school girls into their many fraternities with alcohol. This disturbing phenomenon is resultant of the fact that Wabash has NO GIRLS in their student body.
High School Guy: "Hey, we're having a party tonight and we're the same age as you."

High School Girls: (together) "Sorry we're going to party with Wabash guys tonight, they're older and have alcohol."

High School Guy: *Becomes addicted to masturbation and meth*
by WabashAlwaysFightsButLoses April 25, 2009