she’s gorgeous, tall and social. She’s also a bit of a magnet for the boys. She goes from guy to guy and often changes her crushes. Though she is very loyal to her friends and very friendly. But she also has a very dirty mind. She also tall, funny, and kinda looks like a future model. She also has a very random personality and is very outdorsy
Bruh why u rollin on de floor?

Why not?

Ur acting like Maple....
by Porsiebdhdbsijfmsj May 8, 2020
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A sweet and kind name typically used as a Kitten name... 😸...the best pet you will ever have Maple is always a amazing little buddy to have next to your side. Maple is very calm amd playful. Maple usually has light orange and white fur ..A mix of diamond and emerald eyes. Maple is very smart and if you ever have a maple in your life you notice a M on its forehead which is known for Maria when she was giving birth to Baby Jesus...When she gave birth to baby jesus a orange tabby cat appeared.. People also say they name Maple after the beautyful orange and white fur also because of the M on its forehead as they also believe that the M stands for Maple as if the beautyful name Maple was meant to be. You are soo lucky if you ever have a kitten named 🍁 Maple🍁.
Maple is a amazing name to name your orange tabby kitten 😸
by Definition. 👑Queen👑 January 7, 2020
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Yo, I just saw Maple~ in H Party last night, it was craaazy.
by Anon Tree January 16, 2023
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So drunk you can't see straight. Wasted. Trashed.
by Beezle327 February 8, 2010
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