by tony September 21, 2003
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Short for 'wait' or 'waiting for'
w8 me
by Shiroga October 29, 2015
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1. Wait (spelling of w8 is wait) - used to make word 'wait' a half shorter.

2. Sometimes mistakely used as Windows 8, the correct acronym for Windows 8 is Win8
Person 1: "w8 4 me!"
Person 2: "k, but quick"

Person 1: "I use w8"
Person 2: "Sucks to be you, m8!"
Intellectual: "It's WIN8!!!"
by NicoFilippo December 6, 2016
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-=- Chat conversation -=-
Chris: I'm running W8.
Steve: Hah, sucks to be you.
by Zerfox May 23, 2013
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The W8 is an eight cylinder engine produced by Volkswagen.
72 degree V, but because the W8 is made by combining "two 15 degree VR4s" the pattern reveals a "w".
The W8 was fitted to the passat. 270hp
by David (EaziD) November 6, 2006
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Text-message shorthand for "wait and see." Can also be expressed as "w8nc" for phones without alpha keypads.

Variants include "wl-c" for "We'll see".
Text Message #1: "Ofc buzz Andrson fyrd" ("buzz around the office says Anderson has been fired.")

Text Message Reply: "Lets w8&c"
by Al Peterson July 26, 2007
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