one who takes the leftover kills in halo. One who takes them frequently, and as much as possible. One who hears, "Killtacular killtacular killtacular".
You're in a battle and just after you kill the enemy "You were killed by *Vulture*"
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A person who takes advantage of friends.
"Why do you wanna still be friends with that person when you know they are a vulture?"
by Yelski July 29, 2006
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Someone who picks up all the drunk girls at a club. Like a vulture they circle around trying to find a girl who is trashed and then swoops in and tries to pick her up.
That guys a fuckin vulture!

Im going to be a vulture tonight.
by meh March 25, 2005
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V. To show up uninvited when a group of people are smoking up, and wait around trying to get a hit.

N. One who vultures.
God, Nick is such a vulture, we ran into him last week in the woods and he just stood around hoping we'd take pity.
by g_dylan October 28, 2010
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guy at a party that doesnt drink but instead uses his sobriety to pick up less than sober females. generally considered a tool and scumbag
Dude Greg is a bigtime player
No he's not he's just a vulture he's got no actual game, anyone could do that.
by wolfpackrimjobsBRAH August 03, 2010
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The person in your office who always be taking all the free shit! Every time we get a sample in before we even say that were giving it away ''I WANT THAT! ILL TAKE THAT!'' STFU!!!!! nobody likes you, you fuckin vulture!
A vulture is Whenever you have free shit to give away they already have it in there home before you have the chance to even fucking look at it!
by Billybobbillybobby August 21, 2008
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That dude who's always waiting for chicks to get drunk so he can hustle them
Today I'm going to be a vulture at Amy's party. Those girls will be drunk.
by Boxxes April 16, 2013
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