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The act of one friend using pre-existing, platonic rapport with another friend's ex or otherwise closely connected individual in an attempt to get play and/or sex without having to meet and deal with new people on their own.

Often a trait of sexually inexperienced peoples who prefer that their friends do the work of courting a girl/guy while the "vulturer" lays back and wait for the relationship to fail so that they may move in under the guise of "friendship".

Ironically, "vulturing" nearly always fails in its employment as the concept of one friend taking advantage of another friend's failure is a sign of insecurity and romantic incompetence on the part of the "vulturer". This, obviously, is universally acknowledged as unattractive from the perspective of any potential mate.

This definition also applies to friend-with-benefits and to a lesser extent, siblings.
A - "Tom and Mary just broke up and already Jay is following around Mary!"
B - "Does Tom know that Jay is "vulturing" Mary?"
A - "Nah, but Tom would deny it anyway and say that they are just "friends"."
B - "If by friends, you mean fuck-buddies, then yes that is accurate."

Vulturing: The act of staying in the shadows, awaiting the romantic failure of an acquaintance so as to exploit the leftovers.
by Kodos22223 February 09, 2009
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The act of driving around a parking lot looking for people who are walking to their cars to get their parking space.
I am vulturing around this lot. Look there's someone who's leaving! Quick, after them!
by wibbit42 February 20, 2009
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When a person decides they are 'done' with a conversation that has turned sour or aggressive, and resolves it by promptly vomiting noisily upon their verbal attacker. This action is then followed by a hasty retreat, preferably whilst flapping like a bird.
Louis couldn't stand all the horrible things people were saying about Ru Paul, and started vulturing on all and sundry, leaving a trail of bile and sweetcorn as he flapped off into the night.
by Solidmuldoon January 14, 2015
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When you are eating people are hovering around you waiting for you to finish eating so they can eat the rest of your food. They are vulturing.
A: Hey! What are you doing?
B: Uh... Nothing. Are you going to eat that cookie?
A: Stop vulturing.
by Nola Bell December 06, 2006
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Vulture as a verb can signify circling around something, as a vulture would do. For example, the sentence "Rudy vultured when asking the girl out" implies that Rudy hovered awkwardly around her for an extended period of time before making his move.
Rudy vultured while asking the girl out.
Vulturing around the girl, Rudy waited for the correct moment to strike.
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by CLOWN INC. June 22, 2017
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Art of doing nothing, and waiting for the correct moment to ask your friends for their work/homework/tests answers or whatever they've been working for a long time, with a lot of effort.

For being a good engineer you'll have to dominate this art. When you master this art, you could be called "Sir vulture".
Vulturing example:

- Stop seeking me! leave me alone f*cking vulture!
- Do you have the exam solved?
- I'm going to tell the teacher! HELP!
- Pleaaaase...
by Master Vulture March 14, 2016
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