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when a person gets the kill in halo multiplayer after someone else has weakened their shields to the point of death.
did you see that? i just vultched that 12 year old's kill.
by carl winslow's moustache January 14, 2008
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The act of violent or angry dry humping. Often with a younger or even underage partner.
Mike: ยจso do you think I should vultch with this 16 year old, or just get high?
by the skeezer May 12, 2010
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verb, short for 'to vulture'. when a guy scopes out the drunk girls left at the end of a party, and corners them.
'look at tyrone, he totaly vultching on that blond'
'yeah he gonna get lucky tonite!'
by x-qwiz February 10, 2006
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