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A person who makes lame kills in an online game, usually when the opponent is low on health of fighting another player.
That guy is such a vulcher.
by The Maurauder May 27, 2004
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A person who shows exsessive attention or excitement towards some thing or someone.

Other forms:
Girl 1: That guy is totally checking you out!
Girl 2: Yeah, I know he's a vulcher.

I would have stayed but he was such a vulch

I totally vulched on her shoes.

I can't believe they are coming to town I am totally vulchin'.
by SarahEden August 01, 2006
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(N)- one who hovers around a peice of equipment that is currently occupied by another in hopes of using the aforementioned equipment the minute the current user is finished. Most frequently used in cases of gym equipment.

(V)- to hover around a person or peice of equipment in order to ensure that you will be the next user of the particular peice of equipment.
(N)- I was at the gym jogging on the treadmill and this vulcher caim up to me and stood beside the treadmill for 30 minutes until I was finished. I probabley would have used it a while longer had it not been for the vulcher's creepy stare.

(V)- I went to the gym to lift some weights but the only pair of 25lb weights were being used by somebody else, so I vulchered the guy until I creeped him out and he left.
by Gordo201010105568989 March 17, 2009
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