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In the context of an online flight simulator: To shoot and kill a plane attempting to take off on the runway.

This was likely derived from players circling an enemy airfield like vulchers once anti-aircraft defences were destroyed.

This can ultimately be considered the "original" online gaming slang definition, owing its roots to the very first graphicly based massively multiplayer online game, Air Warrior in the late 1980's.
I tried to take off but they vulched me!
by "Murdr" October 04, 2006
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For a cat, to sit near a person eating a meal with body language suggestive of a vulture waiting for something to die, esp. if done from a higher vantage point.
I didn't dare leave the table before finishing my ribs, because my three cats were vulching nearby.
by PieterB November 06, 2009
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Verb: To steal a person's food without them noticing.
Guy 1: Dude, I just vulched from that guy over there. He has no idea what just happened.
Guy 2: Awesome!
by ThereisnoSpoonman June 24, 2010
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An original SubSpace term meaning to get shot in the back while fighting. Often used by "hunters" chasing "turrets" or a single player caught off guard. Vulch is a wide term used to describe behavior of the weak Subspace pilot.
I was fighting that 300bty and you fucking vulched me, newb!
by Mr. Explosion May 30, 2006
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When you kill a player from behind with a lag rush or some other lame tactic when the said player fired at another competing player.
I was fighting someone else, when you vulched me!
by Dameon Angell November 09, 2004
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