Shy and sweet. Deion is as faithful it comes when in a relationship. He will do anything to make the one he loves happy. he's truly a one of a kind, a bit weird at times but that's whats great. He can always make you laugh. Deion is also pretty tall, and overall a great guy.
person: Wow I wish Deion was my boyfriend! Look at how sweet he is to her!
by volleyball98 January 6, 2013
A very flamboyant person he/she is the type of person to make you happy but don't trust their smile sometimes they can be very broken but loving at the same time but their are very loyal to their partner and will do anything to keep the relationship going, with their the goofy and clingy with their different style they are really silly chill people give them a chance.
"Deion is so nice and fun I love him"
by Yvngbeauty September 17, 2017
If his name deion he has the bigest penis in the world
Talk to deion he always fucks me good
by Fhds January 14, 2017
a great friend who you can tell anything to and an even better boyfriend who will always do anything for his girlfriend who has a HUGE BUTT
by blueberry puddle April 5, 2019
Refers to the color of young dro's car in reference to Deion Sanders who once was an Atlanta Falcon. Atlanta's official team colors are Red, Black, and White.
"red black and white chevy, now i'm ridin' Deion"
by Knuschit September 28, 2006
refers to legendary NFL cornerback Deion Sanders who wore number 21, hence 21 inch rims
Hardly carat, have em froze for a eon/Red, black, n white chevy, now im ridin Deion
(Young Dro "Shoulder Lean")
by pimpboy07 May 10, 2006
DEION IS A BITCH!! His dick is small...No Females. Lame and stank. Dumb as fuck.
Gets bitched 24/7. Mostly by boys named Josh, Kevin, Willie, Artemus, KENDRICK, Dakye, and Artin. Also he cant hold a girl down, and his girl runs over him. He is sweet and loving. However, the girls take advantage of him.
"Deion is a bitch."
by Ryanarmstrong October 29, 2018