Fragment consider revising:
The most useless grammatical error in Microsoft word.
No one can quite work out why it appears, or how to correct the sentence. Some have had success in removing the green line the accompanies the "fragment consider revising" grammatical error, by simply adding comma's (,) and full stops (.) in the area underlined by the grammar check.
Rumour has it, the one who can remove the error from a sentence will be the legendary soul who will lead Microsoft to defeat, and the uprising of Linux will begin. (Mac’s don’t have a part in this because the lack of evolution has meant their mouse only has one button)
User writes the following in Microsoft word 2003: "Classification definitions, the definitions for people who are employed, and for those who are not employed may not be suitable."
Microsoft grammar check: fragment consider revising
User has no indication of how to correct the error.

Even the sentence "The most useless grammar error in Microsoft word" is considered a fragment and revision should be considered, according to microsoft word.
by >:( matt June 13, 2006
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a stunned cunt who only comes around when he's looking for help with one of his many computer problems.
<Fragment^> Hey guys I can't burn from a shared drive, how do i fix it?
by speedo August 27, 2003
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N. A title used to describe a person whose knowledge of a subject is scant, minimal, or nonexistent, but who boldly proclaims (lack of knowledge to the contrary) to be an expert on said subject.
Derived from "fragmented" and "commentator."
When the techs at Lawrence Livermore started talking to Fred about their work in quantum physics, Fred's inane babble about "subatomictoasticles" revealed to them that he was, in fact, a fragmentator on the subject.
by TerraForce October 22, 2006
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1) Any type of fall back from a grenade. i.e. sexualy transmitted dieases, call backs from grenades, unwanted and unexplainable hookups or friendships.

2) Consequences of taking one for the group or friend at the club or when just hanging out.
Tyrone: Hey, remember that grenade i took for u at the club last week?
Biggs: Yeah...appreiate that....that ungly broad was cockblocking the shit out of me, throwing up the most impenatrable bitch shield i ever seen. i still got ass though.
Tyrone: Man fuck that and u too. I got so much fragmentation from that hoe i can't sleep. Bitch talking bout she might be pregnant and i only known her a week. She calling my house and job leaving messeges knowing my wife work with me. To top it off..I haven't stopped itching since i fucked that hoe.
by c.w.w September 6, 2006
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a club that allows people to open themselves to the world and express their true feelings. a club that produces a literary magazine once a year and events such as 'Open Mic Night'.
At Fragments, I feel safe
by editor of fragments February 6, 2011
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A portmanteau of the words 'fragmented' and 'frantic'. Like your thoughts when you wake up in the middle of the night.
My insomnia makes my thoughts fragmentic and I need to write them down or I'd go crazy.
by gyratingabyss December 27, 2011
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(aka. shard, fragment or soul shard)

A part of someone's soul that's incarnated into another person, as well as contains their traits and knowledge.
(e.g: 'A goddess sent her soul fragment (clone of her spirit) to incarnate several mortals, in order to enslave them to do her bidding, in the mortal world, because she was too busy doing her godly business to do so herself').

Note: Each soul fragment can have a different aspect of its original body's personality or be from an alternate reality.
by Diana_Lucius_De_Collis September 30, 2022
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