Sit down, steve, i want to talk to you...i am the vice principal
by tittitttties August 21, 2008
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the guy who abuses you and makes you sit in his office and hates you down to your soul. He also wants to overthrow the principal in charge and make your life a living hell.
The vice principal beat billy with a paddle today.
by 1800-ihatemyviceprincipal July 26, 2006
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The man who wanted to be a military drill sergeant, but failed to do so. He now is in charge of patrolling the school halls. He tries to tell at you for no reason, and has a mission to make your day a living hell.
Kid: Hey Tanner.
Tanner: How are you?
Vice Principal: Are you loitering around?
Kid: No I was just saying hi.
Vice Principal: Back talk? In my office NOW.
Tanner: Shit, this guy should have been a military sergeant.
by Squiffer_Attack November 28, 2020
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