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Not a, but THE county to live in if you're in New Jersey. A place where I feel as if I'm lowering the property value by simply driving through it. A place where the grass is green year round, all the traffic lights are green when you cruise through, the women are gorgeous, like they all just stepped off the runway and the birds chirp Beetoven symphonies. The houses are huge, the parties are sick and every car that drives by costs at least three times as much as my shit-ass house in South Jersey.
I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I will NEVER be able to afford to live in Bergen County . . . ever.
by that outside dick May 22, 2006

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Slang term for "Vice President". In a multi-unit retail company this term is used to define a high salaried company official who constantly dons a black business suit and randomly appears at non-specific locations to crack the nuts of the unfortunate store manager who is assigned to that district. This person is well versed with the proper four-letter words and appropriate venacular to ensure that the manager will never forget his visit and subsequently make certain that every square milli meter of his stores are cleaner than a 12 year old's twat.
Store manager: Guys, I need laborers tomorrow for 8 hours to clean up two of my stores!!

Ops Manager: But uh, this is like your 6th labor request for tomorrow, I don't even think your stores will be open long enough!

Store manager: I can't help it! the stores have to be perfect!! I mean VP's are traveling!!!
by that outside dick December 26, 2007

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A place or state of being where one is pursued relentlessly by men with large handguns who have the utmost intentions of using them. Even if it means hurdling over skyscrapers.
I can't believe we got away from the ATF last night, we was duckin' them agents like we was trapped in da matrix!
by that outside dick May 21, 2006

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