A board that focuses around the posting of images. Very similar to a textboard but it focuses around images rather than text.
The *chans such as 4chan, 7chan, 99chan, and 888chan are examples of imageboards, but there are many others as well.
by xDiscordianx November 6, 2009
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A imageboard buyout corporation is typically a super large organization like Google that buys a large enough share to basically exert near full control over a imageboard.
The imageboard itself would undergo changes like using the parent organization's CAPTCHA system. Sometimes the moderation on the imageboard will change, too. Thi
s reason is why bans on 4chan are more steady like bans on YouTube.

A lot of the time the actual owner will point to someone other than the IBC and say "He's the owner guy". Many users of the now bought-out imageboard would swiftly call B.S. But, they will put up with the IBC in exchange for a platform to spread their memes.
Ghee, Moot sure sold Google out to 4chan back in March 2016. Talk about a Imageboard Buyout Corporation (IBC).

Now that I think about it, New York Times would make a good Imageboard Buyout Corporation (IBC) for 8chan especially after the recent school shootings.
by A_Land_Trick March 20, 2020
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