Voy is a shortened slang version of the word voyage. (To go on a trip or take a "Voyage")
Man! What a killer voy that was.. I hope we can go back next year!
by Dr. Jimtanner March 4, 2017
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Short for "voyeur." The act of voyeurism.
"I had a nice voy of the chick next door last night. I saw her tits after she got out of the shower."


"Dude you got any good voys lately?"
by Micro Tannington October 18, 2007
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"V as in voy."
"B as in what??"
by j. barnes September 27, 2006
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Old word from the norwegian indigenous people "Sámi" meaning "hey hey" or a light indicated "yes yes" (yeye) depending on emphasis.

Also the name of the song in Norway's debut at the Eurovision Song Contest.
A. Voi Voi, in a few days it will be Saturday!
B. Voi Voi..
by 0le June 28, 2011
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A common greeting used for sharks, A.K.A. Squalo Superbi. It usually make Yamamoto orgasm whenever he hears it, which in turn pisses Gokudera off.
It is also very annoying and scares the living crap out of everyone that hears it.
Squalo: VOI!
Yamamoto: -orgasm-
by SharksSayBork August 15, 2010
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Voi a word said by Squalo Superbi in Hitman Reborn
he usually says voi with having the most emphasis on the o part such as: "VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by TinaYoshi / 5927 January 9, 2009
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Swedish for "I'm very excited about the release of this film."
After watching the teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I can think of two words that come to mind: voy cooauge.
by flaaaaaarg February 3, 2018
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