A Briticsh comic for grown ups. Features Roger's Profanisaurus that does the same thing as this site, but better written and without the flame wars.
by Paul Dunning January 2, 2004
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Abbreviation of the latin word: videlicet. Used interchangeably with i.e. It means "literally" or "namely." Used by math professors that want to confuse students.
The matrix is positive-definite, viz. there is an complete increasing sequence of principal minors with all terms positive.
by brian911 October 15, 2005
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a british 'adult' comic published in Newcastle ,NE england

americans usually think it is the most outrageous thing they have ever seen
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
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Vizness is short for a primarily Virtual Business or Business Model (Vizness Model).

The word is a obviously, inspired from the word Business and basically means the businesses which are into the Digital realm. It is important to note that a Vizness could have the non-virtual elements also as enablers. For example: Facebook can be called as a Vizenss, but Ford cannot be called so.
I'm opening a Vizness
The Vizness metrics of AirBnB look great
by 27weeks March 5, 2021
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Short for Visitation Academy. A really awesome all girls highschool and middleschool in St. Louis Missouri. Cool people with awesome names like Daisy go there.
Dude, that Viz girl was a babe.
by SilentSots May 31, 2010
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To think you are talented or funny, when in fact you are just dumb or being dumb.
Guy 1: “Wow! Everyone laughed at my joke! I must be really funny!”
Guy 2: “No they were laughing at you, don’t deceive yourself, you’re just viz.”
by Vizguy March 26, 2022
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The large amount of entries found on this site that can also be found in The Profanisaurus (a swearing dictionary published by Viz) or The Profanisaurus Rex (the profanisaurus' bigger brother). An UD entry resembling an entry from either of the aforementioned publications.
docker's omelette beerdar wankered beer compass

All of the above examples are Viz-esque
by Llama0wn3d June 3, 2007
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