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Beerdar is the latent homing ability exhibited by all males (and some females) that enables them to return to their place of dwelling whilst completely inebriated. (See Example 1 below). In cases of extreme inebriation, said ability may become repressed due to the large amount of alcohol in said person's body, often leading to them regaining conciousness in a randomn location. (See Example 2 below).
Bob:"Blimey, I'd never of made it home last night without my trusty beerdar".

Joe:(from in ditch) "F***ing beerdar's on the blink again.
by Llama0wn3d June 03, 2007
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A sixth sense that enables you to pinpoint the exact location of beer, especially in unfamiliar households, and, within seconds, allows you to break into the house without leaving any trace of evidence and open up a nice, cold, brewsky.

My beerdar led me to a case of Yuengling that not even the owner of the house knew about. Within seconds, I was in and out and on my way to a night of good times with my two best friends.
by C-Mills and Hizz November 07, 2007
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a male or females ability to sense for FREE beer within any given 20 block radius and subsequently find someone that's willing to risk some reprecussion to retrieve it
brandon: i'm glad i ran into you tonight maya...seeing that guy leave that beer on the sidewalk

maya: yes, i do have quite an excellent beerdar
by brandmo September 30, 2007
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A portmanteau of beer and radar, meant to signify an enhanced alertness whenever beer is mentioned.
Chad's #beerdar went off when he noticed someone talking about where to go for a beer.
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by rochard March 02, 2018
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