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Beerdar is the latent homing ability exhibited by all males (and some females) that enables them to return to their place of dwelling whilst completely inebriated. (See Example 1 below). In cases of extreme inebriation, said ability may become repressed due to the large amount of alcohol in said person's body, often leading to them regaining conciousness in a randomn location. (See Example 2 below).
Bob:"Blimey, I'd never of made it home last night without my trusty beerdar".

Joe:(from in ditch) "F***ing beerdar's on the blink again.
by Llama0wn3d June 03, 2007

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Unless the previous entry is written sarcasticly, The author is a complete imbecile. Roflcopter!!!
EA are scum. ;asljknfp a;lspkfnm;L KMDNF;lmd nf;KAMDNFL Ksajdnf
by Llama0wn3d May 27, 2007

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The large amount of entries found on this site that can also be found in The Profanisaurus (a swearing dictionary published by Viz) or The Profanisaurus Rex (the profanisaurus' bigger brother). An UD entry resembling an entry from either of the aforementioned publications.
docker's omelette beerdar wankered beer compass

All of the above examples are Viz-esque
by Llama0wn3d June 03, 2007

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E=MC^3 is a popular spoof of Einstein's Theory of Relativity (E=MC^2). No one knows what would happen if E=MC^3 was actually the theory of relativity, but it would probably involve a very large explosion or some other sort of disastrous consequence (I'm betting explosion :P)
Scientist:"Wait, what if E=MC^3?" (Quote from the "Destroy All Humans" video game).
by Llama0wn3d June 08, 2007

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