the baddest mother fucker of the baroque era.

composer of the famous "The Four Seasons" violin concerto.
by pseudonym i think so December 26, 2005
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The act of plucking a girl's pubic hair like smooth handcrafted strings of a '700 rare Stradivari violin. Conduct the various movements with your penis (no hands allowed) for best results.
Reginald: "Hey man, where is this beautiful symphonic music coming from?"

Harvey: "Classic. Osvald is giving Ursula a well tempered Vivaldi"
by Wolfgang Amadeus From Hell October 13, 2010
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A horrible composer during the Baroque period. Followed all the rules of theory and had little to no melodic significance.
Lame musician: Hey, i can play a bunch of 16th note runs, arent i cool now?

Intelligent musician: No, anyone can play scales and arpeggios. Go play something with a melody why don't ya?

Shostakovich's violin concerto is better than Vivaldi's. Why? cuz Shosty's is hard to play and has a melody. Vivaldi just stuck a bunch of notes from a key togeth and called it "Four Seasons."
by Imbetterthanyou November 9, 2008
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Any work place manager who used corrupt methods to disparage co-workers...who thinks "all white people" came on the nina, the pinta and the santa maria...a racist work place manager with little or no talent and a flare to have his work "ghost written" because he can't write. A manager with no high school diploma and a shady crooked past....a Vivaldy.
Vivaldy likes to write up employees with a "2 in 1" strike letters.....the 3rd strike is "Your fired!"
by it's a riddle October 8, 2004
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An act of playing against assumed stereotype.
The hipster died his beard because he couldn't accept his age, but he was just whistling Vivaldi.
by AlmightyB99 February 9, 2021
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Pretending to fit in by openly defying stereotype
Studies show African American Harvard students are seen as more equal and more accepted when noticed publicly whistling Vivaldi.

"I really like Minecraft, and I'm not just whistling Vivaldi".
by AlmightyB99 February 9, 2021
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