Slang name Dmitri Shostakovich, most famously used by YouTuber Tantacrul
Tanta: Hey, Shosty! MuseScore has moved to the mother country. What do you think of that?
Shosty: I like it.
by Vrnfht March 4, 2021
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How illegitimate classical musicians will refer to Shostakovich to make it sound 'hip' in popular vernacular.
Emily: Omg, have you heard shosty 5? That shit slaps!

Becky: Omg yes I bop to that!

(of course neither of them have ever listened to it in its entirety because it isn't popular music, and they just learned about it in there music history class that they only passed from blowing the teacher.)
by cj_dyeridontevenknowher October 6, 2019
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A true classical musician's shorthand for Shostakovich. See also: Tchaik
Musician: Hey friend, are you coming to my string quartet concert today?
Friend: Depends, what are you playing?
Musician: Shosty Quartet 8.
Friend: What's Shosty Quartet 8?
Musician: Shostakovich Quartet no. 8 in C Minor, op. 110. It's 21 minutes long but it's a true banger.
Friend: Say less, I'll be there!!!
by Pialinist October 8, 2023
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