performing an activity without the use of the hands
Why does Rover keep licking himself?
Because he has no hands.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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When someone has no street fighting skills at all.
Bluhd, that nigga Jose got his ass beat, he got no hands!

She hella weak, she has no hands.
by Payme! November 30, 2009
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the absolute best way to get a blowjob. if you're in the middle of a blowjob and want to increase the feeling tell the bitch "no hands" your eyes will immediately roll to the back of your head and your throat will release a long but quiet "awwwwwwwwwwh"
(during a blowjob)

head doctor: how's that feel?

dude: it feels good, but could be better.

head doctor: what do u want me to do?

dude: no hands bitch, no hands...

head doctor: like that?

dude: (eyes rolled back) no words bitch, no words...awwwwwwwwh...
by AL-B in the 313 February 23, 2007
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Feline mascot of No Hands is a cute lil' kitten with a multitute of talents.
"Look, I just 'shopped No Hands fisting Tony Blair"
by Miles Pieri January 20, 2004
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I have three favorites they all go hand in hand.
by Pamella February 04, 2008
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a type of fighting or combat without weapons. The term does not preclude use of other body parts, like legs, knees, and elbows. It also doesn't require that the entire fight be stand-up combat or exclusive of ground combat, like grappling and wrestling.
Those two drunk fuckers got into some mean hand to hand combat back outside the bar.
by TheUrbanatorist2011 October 06, 2011
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A physical exchange of drugs for money or the crime associated with this act.
Van $tylez: What did you get locked up for back then?
AZ: Uhhhh, hand-to-hand.
by funk_soul_bubby July 06, 2012
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