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made wiser with heartache
made stronger by pain
she has passion
a reckless devotion
a loyalty that’s unbreakable
and a truth that’s unapologetic

she is love in the deepest form
so beautiful, extremely rare
she is everything she needs to be

in search of all that she deserves

brave enough

to walk through hell
in search of her own piece

of heaven

unafraid of the flames

determined to survive

through the things

meant to destroy her
she had the mental strength of a warrior

she’s an angel

with a filthy mind

an alpha among the wolves
gloria; a foreign muse
by xhsin March 28, 2018
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She could quite possibly be the definition of perfection. She's incredibly witty and such a charmer. You could get lost in her eyes for days and days if you weren't careful. She's the type of girl to light up the whole room when she walks in. she's mystical and satirical and radical and man oh man, she can be quite a smart-ass too. She's gorgeous - no wait, she's absolutely breathtaking, it's like staring at the sun for too long, because the present of her in your heart is so strong and bright and pure. and don't forget to mention that she has this sort of giggle, where she covers her mouth with one hand, and squints her eyes and does this little half smile, and it's so fucking adorable. She's so timid and self-conscious and wary and hurt, and no girl deserves to be like that, especially one as extraordinary as her. She's the time to use old fashioned terms of endearment with the ones she loves, and she loves very few. She adores the stranger side of music, and instead of it being considered weird, it's considered unique and wonderful and it makes everyone else feel bland in comparison. She loves to argue, absolutely loves it. Even though you know you love her with every single piece of your body, she'll still try to say her feelings are stronger, and the things she says will have you almost believing, almost.
Every time you talk to her or see her, you can't help but fall a little more in love with her, you just can't.
ted: "man, I think i'm in love with gloria."
phil: "ew dude why?"
bob: "shut the fuck up, you don't even know her phil, just what other fake people's opinions are on her. congratulations ted, she's rad."
by The Girl by City & Colour March 25, 2013
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This girl is one of a kind. Absolutely the sweetest. Some even call her a confectionery perfection. She loves to bake cookies and sell them to raise money for good causes. Has the most beautiful eyes and a great smile, she's basically an angel. Although her memory may not be as good as others she's got the brains that every mathematician wishes for. She's the snack that smiles back. Befriend a Gloria and you will never not smile.
Friend: "Woah, who's that girl over there?"
You: "That's Gloria, she has all the guys falling for her."

"If you want endless cookies made with love, find yourself a Gloria."

"Look, it's Gloria! Quick, act natural!"

"Did you see that Gloria girl? Man she is definitely a snack."
by notparmeseangoldfish February 20, 2019
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THE meaning of perfection, a girl who thinks less than her self ( but is a really fucking beautiful girl) she has a dark side you hate when she talks about it. If any man tries to touch her, you'll wanna sock the man in his face. Every hug, kiss, or word comes out her mouth makes you wanna love her more but can't because you loving her with everything you have, she's also your goddess because no one is better than her, she the all powerful. And if she ask for something from you, you would travel the world for her product.
Guy: How you and Gloria
Guy 2 punches guy one
by Raymond1989 November 06, 2014
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Gloria is a girl that’s very hyperactive when she’s happy, that sometimes people around her couldn’t cope up with her hyperactivity. She’s also very good at starting a conversation with someone no matter how shy or doubtful she is about the idea of communicating with someone she just met. She’s that girl that just goes with it, more like a risk taker. When some people do tempt her with their snarky or rude remarks, she manages to find a smart way to respond to it. Gloria is also smart, but her level procrastination seemed to blind her potentials. There’s absolutely no doubt that she could be the smartest if she puts effort into it. Gloria is also a curious girl, always wanting to how others are feeling or if something is up in someone’s mind. She’s very curious that she wouldn’t stop trying until she got the answer to the questions playing in her mind. In another say, she’s friendly, smart and bold.
I wonder why is this world so quiet in a sudden...”
“Maybe because Gloria isn’t here.”
by pure.randomnessbyJ January 01, 2018
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honestly the most beautiful girl you will ever see. an athletic girl with a hot bod. you will Never get over her. one of a kind.
damn is that Gloria?
via giphy
by donaldduk January 22, 2018
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Gloria is a very unique person. She is intelligent and very beautiful. Gloria has many jokes and riddles to share with the people around her. She loves everyone and acknowledges their existence, unlike thots, but she hasn't learned to love herself yet. Gloria is insecure and unsure of herself, but people around her keep her filled with joy. If you know a Gloria, tell her you love her to death. She often feels unloved and seen as an object. Tell her you love her strands of hair and they flow through the wind. Tell her you love her laugh. Tell her you love the way her eyes sparkle like the clear night sky. Tell her you love the look on her face when she sees something she loves. Gloria is a tough nut to crack, but it's all worth it in the end.
Miguel: "Look, it's Gloria!"
Brandon: "Dude, she's so smart and beautiful!"
Miguel: "I know! Her jokes are also hilarious as hell"
Brandon: "Anyone that doesn't know Gloria is missing out on a wonderful girl!"
by BowersGangSweetheart January 05, 2019
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