chicano slang for prision
he vato yo la tenía mejor en la pinta
hey vato I used to live better inside prision
by arielrock May 4, 2013
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Mexican slang word for prison. Often used by members of "Nuestra Familia" and "Mexcan Mafia"
When are you coming out of the pinta holmes?
by brown huero December 31, 2004
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Cuban slang word meaning very well dressed or has nice bling.
by Richard Fleites April 3, 2008
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an acronym commonly used by teachers to describe an annoying child while they're right in front of them; stands for "Pain IN The Ass"
Little Johnny wet himself again; he is is such a pinta.
by Nikki Marie Stephens January 17, 2008
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when a woman passes gas during buttsex.
Boy-What was that sound?
Ho-Sorry i just Pinta'd.
by Naughty Santa June 28, 2009
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