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Someone who identifies with the "Right" portion of the modern political spectrum, is openly critical of "Leftists", but who is actually hypocritical in terms of being guilty of using the same tactics, and shows the same qualities as those that they are criticizing. eg
Shouting someone down so that they can't speak during a debate, but will claim a violation of their Freedom of Expression when denied use of a microphone.

Often "follows the Libertarian herd" because they like the image of being an individualist, but only if they feel supported by a group.

Someone whose understanding of being "Right" is that they don't like being told what they can or cannot do, even though they have no self discipline, are a detriment to society, and see no connection between responsibility and freedom.

Watches the videos of Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, or Jordan Peterson, only understands a fraction of what is being discussed. Often will quote words or phrases with no clue about what they actually mean.

The conservative equivalent of snowflakes, SJWs, Cultural Marxists,uses virtue signalling, etc.

(derived from the archaic term for 'right handed', because you shouldn't be allowed to call yourself Right when you are definitely wrong)
". . . so when he tried to argue in the climate change debate that his opinion was equal to that of a full time climate research scientist, I publicly busted him on being a post-modernist in front of the entire Young Conservatives Club."

"Ahahaha, what a Dexter!"


"So because your religion doesn't allow it and the idea of it makes you feel all yucky inside , you think that allowing same sex marriages is religious persecution and should be banned?
"How about you put on your big girl panties,

deal with the fact that boys can kiss boys, and stop being such a Dexter!"
by Urban Savage February 08, 2018

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A term that is far too often used to dismiss an opposing opinion that is based on morals, ethics, or ideals, when the introduction of such into a debate could critically undermine one's stance.
Waldon: "But you CAN'T flatten that building to build a Walmart! Not only is it an orphanage, but the roof is a rare bird sanctuary, it's built over a graveyard AND an aquifer, hosts the only local live music night in the city on Wednesdays, and is a legally protected heritage site!"

Developer: "Don't listen to that virtue signalling hippy, boys, start up them bulldozers, we got a permit!"
by Urban Savage March 17, 2017

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