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An overdressed track-themed street car with that distinct later generation Nissan-Z engine amplified to sound like Chewbacca when he's agitated. In Star Wars, the Wookie costume must have felt overdressed while wearing it. The car also looks a bit chewed back with some exaggerated feature like excessive camber preventing the ability to have more than two tires flat on the ground at a time. This may be a fuel-saving feature in a straight line, but tire wear is far more expensive, and maybe the it corners more like an inverted motorcycle with such a stiff sway bar.
Still, the owner deserves props for not adding an oversized spoiler which might actually be necessary for sweeping corners at aircraft speeds.
Neighbor-"Fix your muffler, Chew-Bac-Car !"
Driver-"My friends think it's funny!"
Neighbor-"They laugh behind your back, wookie-boy!"
by Sperloid July 22, 2021
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The result of being DP'd with too much lube, and air gets trapped in the orifice. In males, farting can also contribute to this afterwards.
Lube-queefah: Grrrl, I just had deh trash banged outta me, den I has ta go. My shorts is all sloshy wit lube-queef and I'm outside yo place, can I use yo shower? I din' get a chance ta get all dis lube outta me and I sharted all over my shorts.
Host: You farted lube all over your undies after getting gang banged? Hot! I gotta see this.
by Sperloid January 15, 2018
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A "flavor enhancing" cheaper type of MSG. Ostensibly defined as "savory", yet it is more "PUNGENT". If it's a fifth sense, it is the one we evolved to recognize as food poisoning. This rancid fecal smell/taste was popularized by Trader Joe's meats.
You call that savory? Did a sick baboon sit on your face? That restaurant is wafting umami like rotten rodent chili cabbage antifreeze boiling under an outhouse and masked with spice.
by Sperloid April 25, 2021
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