Virtue-signaling (noun): the self-serving, disingenuous act of presenting & solidifying oneself as concerned with, committed to, or compliant to a specific political alignment regarding political topics or issues for prestige or ego.
If the President genuinely cared about women's rights, he'd do less virtue-signaling on Twitter and more action.
by Power moves Only June 29, 2022
something that every white girl with BLM in their bio does
Foid: Omg I'm such a good person I have BLM and ACAB in my social media bios so that means I'm a good person.
Chad: That bitch is just virtue signalling she actually couldn't care less about other people.
by boomnikkaoom December 15, 2021
A term that is far too often used to dismiss an opposing opinion that is based on morals, ethics, or ideals, when the introduction of such into a debate could critically undermine one's stance.
Waldon: "But you CAN'T flatten that building to build a Walmart! Not only is it an orphanage, but the roof is a rare bird sanctuary, it's built over a graveyard AND an aquifer, hosts the only local live music night in the city on Wednesdays, and is a legally protected heritage site!"

Developer: "Don't listen to that virtue signalling hippy, boys, start up them bulldozers, we got a permit!"
by Urban Savage March 17, 2017
R Another term to define your typical Tesla driver
Did you see Professor Trogan driving his Tesla to Berkeley today.

Ted: Yeah he was just virtue signaling before his gender unicorn lecture.
by Strangetimes April 20, 2022
Espousing a moral position about an issue that matters, without individually doing anything about that issue, usually because the issue is too big for any individual to affect. This is an action scoffed at by any opposition, not realizing that if enough people virtue signal about the same issue, they shift hearts & minds to achieve a critical mass of support to the point that the issue is actually politically addressed.
In the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, there should be next to no poverty.

That's virtue signaling. Why don't you go donate to your neighborhood homeless shelter or something?

The problem's bigger than that, with 40 million in poverty, including over 10 million children, and 200 million living paycheck to paycheck, but it's not a problem that can't be solved.
by AvangionQ May 15, 2021
Saying you love or hate something to show off what a virtuous person you are, instead of actually trying to fix the problem.
Jane: "Wow! I hate Fox News! They're so evil and they hate women!"
John: "Why don't you actually do something instead of just virtue signalling about it?"
Jane: "OMG that would be WAAAAAAY too much work" *goes back to shitposting on twitter*
by Juz16 November 3, 2015
A virtue signaler is a trendy poser ego-maniac who perplexes old school trailblazing liberals. Their ego takes precedence over the actual issue, and it's painfully obvious. It's also a great rebuttal tp a meritless claim that one is racist.
Debator: Remember when we all used to get along? At least it seemed that way. Now social media is perpetuating shock value and BLM seems to have been hijacked by violence.
Virtue signaler: You're just racist. Black Lives Matter!
Debator: Yes they do! What you don't know is that they matter more than your virtue signaling.
by Sperloid August 3, 2022