42 definitions by Vin Nguyen

Does somebody have a case of the mundames?
by Vin Nguyen February 21, 2018
1.a)Whispering sweet nothings into the wind hoping or not hoping that the message or blurb does or doesn't fall on or off deaf ears.
2.b)Flat out flabbergasted.
What was you said that you cocoughoney?
by Vin Nguyen August 4, 2017
a 'mean' person just wandering/meandering around randomly murdering people for whatever reason at that given time.
I find random urban impalement techniques to be profoundly fulfilling..okay okay I'm a Man and a Murmeanderer, not a murman!
by Vin Nguyen August 15, 2015
Plagued by Plagiarism: To spy on someone or multiple people and take their ideas and other general impressions brought into existense for the chief purpose of status and/or monetary security and/or to discredit one or more parties.
I can feel the plaguereyes burning a hole through my soul.
by Vin Nguyen June 11, 2016
1. A touchdown dance noteably used by the 1998-2000 St. Louis Rams NFL team that was greatly received as unsportsmanlike conduct.
2. A Barber Shop Beauty Parlor combination owned and created by the same name which also features styles/cuts by the same name.
by Vin Nguyen August 4, 2017
Looking up to the ceiling or vents in a commode/bathroom/restroom and getting it all out while sitting on the toilet.
by Vin Nguyen April 5, 2017