The stubble that is present after a chicks pubes start growing back in.
my hooker shaved her snatch for the weekend, but by Sunday she had a small villiage.
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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the grainy, hard stubble that grows a few days after a hot momma shaves her down under
my girl was smooth and slick friday but tha damn ho had a villiage growin' by monday - that shit scratched me up
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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another name for whore

The implication is that much like the bicycle of a small village, everyone is eventually going to ride the thing.
I am guessing that the chick walking bowlegged out of the frat house is a major village bicycle
by tramdog August 12, 2003
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Not so much a whore, but more of a slut rather. No money is be given directly to her. She does require you buy her drinks, and play her little "hard to get" game for some time at least for one night. Later she "lets" you fuck her (as if its the priveledge) and leave without any words spoken.

She's comparative to a bicyle in a village in which it is the only one for everyone to use. Eventually you get to ride it as fast as you like.... you just have to wait your turn. (wear protection, she gave me the crabs)
Look! (in a young mexican voice) it's the village (spoken: vee-lej) bicycle.....everyone gets to take a ride!
by John Harrison January 20, 2004
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1. a half retarded man-boy who has ill fitting clothes due to his large size and a very small hat.
2. well meaning but stupid fuck
3. a dumbass
Glen was obviously the villiage idiot due to the very small hat he wore and the large amount of drool he produced.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
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drop out from high school, 40 year old never held a job, lives at home still with mom & dad...but yet still finds the money to buy smokes, support their drug & drinking habbits....So if you live in Conneaut, Ohio you know what A Villiage Idiot is..
These now Villiage Idiots are still living with mom & dad
by townhero June 21, 2009
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Crack Town of the world... only two things come from Casco thats steers and queers and there isnt mainy steers so that pretty much narrows it down
"dude u got that white shit? lets go to the village mayne
by spontaneous D May 26, 2005
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