10 definitions by kunal

An empty box(literal)....as in brainless..an empty mind. Foolish.
He's such a dubba, why do you think he's in such a state now?
by kunal February 5, 2004
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1)an expressing of displeasure
by kunal April 29, 2003
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This is a crazy girl from Almaden, named Priya Purohit.
Priya's Chicalee.....#3!
by kunal November 15, 2004
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kunal's nickname. used to describe his greatness. (jk)
no example, just his nickname.
see also kunal
by kunal May 3, 2003
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Hindu Pimp with long hair who gets everyone but indian girls
Indian Girl:eww whos that ugly guy with the long hair
White Girl:OH thats Kunal isnt he so sexy
by kunal February 24, 2005
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Whatever sad fucks posted those definitions must be sick of Landon beating them in everything. Yes, Landon is an all boys school, as is GTown Prep, we tool u public school sad fucks in everything. Why dont u grow a dick and stop talking shit on the internet.
Public School kid- Hey dude look at that Landon kid......LANDON IS ALL BOYS HAHAHA
Landon kid- Stfu (beats up all of them)
other Landon kid- Oh its alright, hes gonna mow my lawn someday
by kunal April 10, 2005
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