Villagism is the belief that the village one is born in is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that those differences produce an inherent superiority over others born in a different village.
Zakhonaye are better than Aridnaye because we use the proper word for "tomorrow". This is an example of Villagism.
by VivaLaNoosa November 12, 2010
the village is 2 hours of my life that i'll never get back.
by mcorr September 26, 2005
An awful movie. A would-be horror flick that has a stupid twist and a rage-inducing ending.
M. Night Shymalan was on a roll until this. What a letdown.
by bigtones December 8, 2004
A cinematic masterpiece, no less. The twist at the end hits you like a wall of bricks and your world becomes shattered. An incredible film.
by movie geek February 13, 2005
A person, who is incredibly well known, and extremely awesome.
“That boy is a total villager!”
by Ramen_Noodles123 December 6, 2019
an uppity area in New York that is heavily populated with gay's and dikes.
Whats the game without L
thats like jewels without ice, china with out rice, or the holy bible without christ, the bulls without mike, crackheads without pipes, THE VILLAGE without dikes, or Hockey games without fights.............
by Tazzubl July 4, 2005
A place where jealousy takes place. Where rumors are spread and the craziest stuff happens.. Where VD spreads like wildfire..
Last night was so crazy I thought I was at the village.
by Smiley2345 June 22, 2010