A director best known for making good movies earlier in his career and increasingly ill received movies as of late. His movies also infamously use twist endings
Interviewer: "Mr. M. Night we loved 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Signs' but how can ypu possibly explain 'The Last Airbender'?"

M. Night Shyamalan:" You think I will answer this question but"
by breakstress July 01, 2010
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The director who single handedly destroyed the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was after this movie that he was cast into a prison until he could salvage the trilogy.
Man 1: What happened to M. Night Shyamalan?

Man 2: Oh didn't you hear? The Avatar fans kidnapped him and sold his possessions to fund a new movie.
by dirk_monkey July 08, 2010
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Verb: To pull something spectacular off once, and then fail miserably each time you try to do it again.
1) Dude, your second attempt at dinner last night was such an M. Might Shyamalanism.

2) I thought it could work, but I ended up doing an M. Night Shyamalanism.
by Lltan October 31, 2010
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The bastard who ruined my childhood by making The Last Airbender. Should be called M. Night SHAME-alan.
Avatar: The Last Airbender was a TERRIFIC SHOW. Then M. Night Shyamalan came and fucked it all up.
by smreidy113 September 01, 2010
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Probably the most overrated film director of all time. The only decent movie he made was "the sixth sense." Other than that this guy makes movies like lady in the water (which i think he was on acid when he wrote this) and the very disappointing "last airbender" which has been called "the most disappointing movie of the year" and "the worst movie of the year."
Dude 1: Hey man did you see "The Last Airbender" last night?

Dude 2: Yea man, biggest waste of my time. Its so bad its almost comical. Don't waste your money on it.

Dude 1: Wow, M. Night Shyamalan has done it again..
by Thordaddy July 03, 2010
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An over rated director that makes the worst movies.
Far worst than that director from transformers who's name I can not mention at this time but is notorious for CGI, lots of explosions that are suppose to make up for the weak story lines.

M Night Shyamalan couldn't even direct porno without massive disappointment. At least transformers guy could make a porno that was ok the first time around, wouldn't be complete torture to watch again, And makes up for amateur mistake with excessive "explosions!"
Worst big budget movie in the world was made by

"m night shyamalan", and it was call "THE LAST AIR BENDER!!" Nuff said!
2 minutes in and I wanted to kill my self
by Demented Definitions December 30, 2010
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To cum onto a woman's stomach, unannounced. The origin stems from the fact that this act has an element of shock and surprise, but is not truly frightening. This twist at the end, gives its it whole new spin, much like one of Shyamalan's movies.
So I was with Dustin the other night, then bam, plot twist, I was M. Night Shyamalaned.

I had to grab a hand towel from the bathroom after that M. Night Shyamalan.
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