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man why yaw hatin on Jada, jada is lyrically one of the best rappers of his time. His flow is ridic and his voice just sets it off, his only flaw is making a good hook throughout his albums. Other then that Jada is one of the hottest niggaz to ever grab a mic. He is also one of the realest niggaz to grab a mic.
top of the food chain/its just the way that i do things/dungaree seats in the blue range/im workin wit new change, gemini nigga wit mood swings/had the feigns lookin for new thangs/ i stopped playin wit birds, and started playin wit words/the money wasnt right so i had to stay on the curb/ and i'll be a playa later, but for now call me kiss if not that montega Jada/I KICK HARD BARS AND BLOW HARD WEED/ AND BE EVERY WHERE CUZ I MOVE AT GOD'S SPEED/ AND MY AIM IS TO MAKE YAW BLEED/YAW GOT IMBARRASED IN THE CLASS WHEN THE TEACHER USED TO MAKE YAW READ AH-HA/

When i squirt the chrome the funeral home/gone double they money this year off my work alone

nowadays errbody want to be like pac/till they ass truly get shot and they die on the third day. the dezzy got a beautiful ring/ i can hit any one of yaw options is a beautiful thing/body is finished maybe they can save the toothe/ CALL ME KISS OR CALL ME THE BLACK BABE RUTH

see him shoot/so when i say i got 7 45's i dont meen the BM coupe

top 5 dead or alive this ni is a problem
by Tazzubl July 05, 2005

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an uppity area in New York that is heavily populated with gay's and dikes.
Whats the game without L
thats like jewels without ice, china with out rice, or the holy bible without christ, the bulls without mike, crackheads without pipes, THE VILLAGE without dikes, or Hockey games without fights.............
by Tazzubl July 04, 2005

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