Miembro masculino
Que se come hoy?”
by Piko6804 January 30, 2022
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probably the best person youll ever meet. rly great. 10/10 shes brilliant
"hi esta youre cool"
by americanvisasystemfromaus September 2, 2019
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In Spanish it can mean two things, depending on which syllable is being stressed.
* está: literally means "is". It's used to refer to someone in third person, and to either describe this person or specify a location
* ésta: literally means "this". It always refer to a feminine subject.

In some latin american countries, the latter is also commonly used to to refer to one's genitalia, specifically (her/him)self's.
Variations of esta:

Maria: Juan está en su casa y está triste (Juan _is_ at his home and _is_ sad)

Luis: Espero que ésta sea la ultima vez. (I hope _this_ is the last time)

Mario: Por qué no venis y me chupas ésta? (Why don't you come and suck _this_?)
by bella.ciao July 29, 2019
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its an expression, an argentinian expresion 4 sayin "NO WAY!!!"
Man 1: yo bro borrow me this shirt

Man 2: ESTA!!! thats my favourite shirt
by rrock-dude December 3, 2008
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when you go to stores and lie about how many clothes you bring in a change room, then put on the new clothes under your normal clothes and walk out.
"Mary, lets esta today."
by ciaoaiai October 31, 2006
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Esta pasao is a Puertorican slang phrase used to mean "you're trippin" or "you're crazy" in a joking manner.
Ex. "Esta gente esta pasao!" or "este tipo crees que es macho! Esta pasao..."

Translation- "These people are trippin(crazy)" and "this guy thinks he's tough! He's trippin..."
by ElTransladorBoricua November 29, 2017
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Slang for "ok" or "I agree". Commonly used in agreement of a proposed idea.
Person A: I'll see you tonight.

Person B: Ya estas
by TheDrift3r March 23, 2017
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