1. To Want something; in spanish

2. To love, care for
1. Yo Quiero Jugo de naranja= I want Orange Juice

2. Te Quiero Mucho mamma= I love you a lot mom
by AC October 26, 2003
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The 1st person singular conjugation of the Spanish word meaning "want" or "love." Popularized by the now defunct Taco Bell dog. Although the catchphrase used to be considered "cool," now speaking these magic words will result in vigorous beatings provided by those around you.
Yo quiero Taco Bell!! (said as if a question, though its a statement)
by aybab2 September 6, 2003
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Literally means "I want you" in spanish, but doesn't always mean that one wants you. While in English one can change from "I like you" to "I love you", Spanish speakers usually has three transitions:

1. "Me gustas" (I like you)

2. "Te quiero!" (I love you in a soft and general way like "Luv ya")

3. "Te amo" (I love you, very strong and intimate)
1. During class, Tom whispered "Me gusta esta nina" to his best friend while glancing at the girl in front of the class. (I like that girl)

2. Ligia shrieked "Julia! Gracias! Te quierooo!" hugging her friend hard. Julia gave her a CD of her favorite artist.

3. John nervously looked deeply into Alicia's eyes, who he was dating for one year already, and said "Alicia... Te amo..." and then kissed her tenderly after seeing her shocked but happy face.
by Techmaga October 28, 2006
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Native Spanish speaker here.

Directly translated as “I want you” but it is often used as a casual “I love you” among Spanish speakers. Usually used with parents, siblings, friends, etc.

Meanwhile “Te Amo” is considered very intimate and usually only used with a partner. Even then it may only be said sparingly or during intimate moments such as the first time someone says I love you. Spanish speakers usually revert back to using “te quiero” or even saying “i love you” if both parties speak mostly English
I’m leaving for work now, te quiero!
Te Amo, will you marry me?
by bluehannie December 29, 2020
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